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Al Tanasuh TV


Published: 1 year ago

Category: Libya

TV Information:

Tanasuh TV is an News, Religion and islamic TV channel. Al Tanasuh TV  broadcasts Islamic and news programs. The channel strives to Contribute to the preservation of the Libyan identity, keeping national security. The message of the channel is to call for the religion of Allah and advice to the Muslims and his law arbitration, and participate in the reform of the Libyan society, especially public and the Muslim community.
Correcting concepts about religion and life by showing the meaning of true moderation, the meaning of commitment and true religiosity and emphasizing the universality of religion for all aspects of life and that the succession and reconstruction of the land is the reason for the existence of the Muslim in this world.
Al Tanasuh TV seek to be a platform for scientists, preachers and national leaders, and a means of advocacy to preserve national unity and national security and identity in the light of the Islamic affiliation, and a place to highlight the talents, and encourages the production and gain the solution and spread through science and cultural awareness.
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