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Can TV 24


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Turkey

TV Information:

Since the establishment of CAN TV in Erzincan in 1995, Erzincan’s eyes wore on the day it was founded.
CAN TV has been publishing in Erzincan with journalists and programmers who have renewed all the infrastructure required for developing technology and TV with new management concept and have at least 10-15 years of experience in the profession.
Erzincan has a reputation among the TVs which are shown as an example of the region with the vision of having CAN TV broadcasting in the UHF band with 200 Watt transmitter and continuing to develop rapidly.
CAN TV reaches all ages with the quality of Cartoons for Life, Good Life, Hidden Treasures, Day Light, Agenda Plus, Sports Agenda programs, Local and National News Releases, Local Foreign Cinema and Children.
The role of the local press in the formation of local public opinion.
Local press The local public opinion, which is comprised of people living in a certain region with participation in the items constituting the international and national public opinion, is more local in scope and quality. Local television and newspapers, which are local press organizations operating in the region, appear functionally in the formation of the local public within this framework. In this context, in order to evaluate the role of the local press in the formation of the local public opinion, a questionnaire was applied to 300 people by using the field survey method and the simple random sample using the survey technique as the data collection technique. According to this, a large majority (92%) of the respondents regarded local media as a source of news and information, and a considerable number (58.3%) regarded local media as “effective” in forming a common opinion.
CAN TV is not only a medium for mass communication but also a local people living in that area and being affected by various aspects of the developments in the region and having a social and political, social, political, economical, cultural, artistic, It is necessary to prepare the local agenda for the local public opinion at the point of playing a role in the formation of the local public opinion. At the same time as the qualities of the society, the principles of public and democratic order, which are shown as one of the essential elements in the healthy process of democracy, also have the chance of realization. In this respect, there is a very important and indispensable commitment between democracy and public opinion
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