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Al Bedaya TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Saudi Arabia

TV Information:

Al Bedaya TV channel bother reality TV programs have been established in 24 of the second spring corresponding to June 1, 2005 AD-based official of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, committed to the channel values ​​and norms Arabian horses and is working to support the deployment of its programs through the map of diversity and innovation, particularly in highlighting young people and their talents and educate them in various fields and prepare them for the job market
And gain multiple skills different Petrkibathm and their fields, has specialized beginning of the channel from the other channels to broadcast and display the reality TV show on the silver screen, and achieved a significant proportion Show gallops in the Arab and Muslim world has recently won the first place among the Arab and Islamic channels and program specifically Get your balance Arab satellite channels on the best festival in Cairo, Arab and Gulf channel for the year
2015 – 2016
Saudi Arabia
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