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Almada TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Iraq


TV Information:

Almada TV online, a manifestation of the image of the Vision Foundation run, writing and sound, after he was intensified through painstaking years, manifestations, both written and audio, and tools and other carriers of the truth, and Mahtefih aspirations of Iraqis Almanmoman Bcder daily life and sufferings of terrorism, and the hardships of life repeats itself and impose term You can look at them the pulse consistent with them is essential for him to disappear and go away ..
Channel “long” in a moment of illumination Ttalps realities ambiguity needs that settles, as corruption and abuse overtaking sub biases turn into a point of view occupies a site planned in social life and in public affairs and politics stretches in the corners of the state and decision ..
And as the organization looks as if it’s completed by firing channel “long”, the trip continues, and will not be completed until after the university term for Media, Culture and the Arts opens its doors for anyone who wants to scoop the pot science that do not overfill including but accommodates .., but the channel is the eye which manifests itself through which the truth without frills, no messenger knocking doors to foretell, or to preach, extent to “channel” Bashir and Nazir, space luminous, pouring some of which is not likely confusion, or the interpretation or deception, as they seek unplugged, to reach the outskirts of the truth as it is at each moment of transformation or change …
Not long channel from a different logo, the other manifestations, … the newspaper, radio, and the extent to Bryce, and the publishing house, and the houses range and libraries, and have the whole course the truth, and get closer to the pulse Almanmoman people
Al Mada Group
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Phone : +964 771 3037 777
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 Nilesat – Frequency: 11,766 – Polarization: Horizontal

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