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Salam TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Palestine, Religious

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Peace TV (the first in Palestine)
Since the opening of the year 1993, which is a river and a fountain of knowledge of the tender and the shining star in the sky searching for the truth and for news and tender distinctive sincere. From this point of our commitment to be one of the first, it became for us a broad base of fans, friends and followers who are keen on our success and our progress.
And in the midst of a lively political breakthrough, which coexisted Palestinian territories at the beginning of the nineties and the middle atmosphere Scurry Peace TV and following the signing of the peace agreement between the Palestinian National Authority, represented at the time of the late Yasser Arafat President, Israel, hence the name “TV Peace”, covering dozens of square kilometers came, up and broadcast to all parts of the city and the province of Tulkarem, the area of ​​the triangle inside the Palestinian territories occupied since 1948, and large parts of Qalqilya and Salfit, Jenin and Nablus
Since the beginnings of television administration sought to rehabilitate television crew management and technician is able to command the station, development and progress by forward They joined our teams in many of the specialized information sessions organized and supervised by several institutions, ministries, universities, national, whose purpose was to raise the level of staff in the television stations, local radio down to an advanced level of competence and experience to perform an informational message successful and distinctive and varied programs that provided and continue to provide on-screen peace television local and private ones, was including: political programs, social, cultural, religious, sports, art, news bulletins and programs competitions and entertainment programs , in addition to host dozens of ministers and officials and leaders and legal persons, activists and professionals in various fields contributed to the peace TV in the success of dozens of festivals and celebrations and days of shopping, was an active participant in the cultural and educational competitions, electoral propaganda, and the process of the population, and the revival of multilateral occasions, and in dozens of donation campaigns for the benefit of charitable associations and institutions as a contribution to the continuation of their work. And know the viewer through our screen on the artists, singers and representatives Mahliyn.kma TV and shape the peace is still an important source of information and news through the local newscasts that Qdamhaa and through live coverages and direct to the various events and developments.
Peace TV is licensed and certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Information.
Peace TV obtained a first class in the Palestinian statistics on the national level in 1997
Television peace effectively and distinctive member of the network television together several years ago.
Peace TV got a very large number of awards and gifts, certificates and shields discretion of government and private institutions and parties.
Peace TV daily reports and in particular about Tulkarm broadcast daily on satellite Mex / together in its news bulletin at 8 pm
Tulkarem, Palestine
Mass Press – Third Floor
Next to a girls’ school Altip secondary
Telefax: 00972.9.2671992
Mobile: 00972.599.777721
Nilesat 11219H
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