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Nour El-Sham TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Syria

TV Information:

Nour El-Sham TV online was created under the guidance of Mr. President of the Republic Dr. Bashar al-Assad in the lunar month of Ramadan for the year 1432 corresponding to the year 2011.
Noor Sham aims to spread approach centrist Islamic Call authentic, based on the Quran and Sunnah and the consensus approach, with bright image of Islam Bhakagueth gentle tolerant, with keep abreast of changes in the world of new media and technology and means of communication, and the consolidation of the Islamic identity and mission of the Enlightenment, and correcting the image of Islam in the West , and communicate with the people of Syria in foreign countries to feed their ideas of good curriculum.
For more information please visit
To contact the channel or to order any of the channel recordings or to ask any question or suggestion, please send an e-mail to :
Its avalaible on satellite at :
– Eutelsat over the Nilesat 10921 V
– Arabsat (Badr 4) 12054 V
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3 Responses to “Nour El-Sham TV”

  1. Nora says:

    Hello to all of the christian’s of syria,
    let’s start by small things that may help us to change this world and make it a better place,lets start by respecting our perents and respecting our priest and it will be very nice if we kiss our priest hand so that we may always take his blessing,let’s be friendly with kid’s even if they are not our kids,let’s be honest in church on sunday and forget our small mistakes,lets keep our church clean,let’s remember that the icon’s that we have are historical memmory and that our beloved once will stay in our heart.let’s respect virgin mary by calling her mother virgin mary,lets respect jesus by calling him the prophet jesus,lets take adam tree from the muslem’s and make it a large oil painting,let’s save money to make a school for girls and another school for just boys.let’s teach them all about the great people and the only 1 true god that carry love and hope to the world and let’s protect our people from hell,lets invite and unit the christian’s so that we may all share peace together and be one.I will be your queen until the young king takes my place.i am queen Nora,would you like to follow the christian orthdox church of russia?if you agree your new book will be the quran since it’s the only book that has not been changed and it’s still the word of god and at the same time speak’s about all religion’s.I love your art keep on the good work,but please keep jesus warm and dressed he makes me to feel more cold in winter i mean when i see him without clothes.Thank you
    To wazer el aokaf,
    some people on the sama channel said that they want to have freedom of speech,please say to them that freedom of speech is aloud inside there home,not outside the embassy or on t.v.,or it will not be freedom of speech it will be an order.2nd i would like to say to the moslem’s that women used to cover there hair from before the prophet mohammed and it correct,but remmember that god also said teach your children swimming and horse ridding i donnot think at the age of 18 the boy’s and girl’s stopped also women get there period every month which mean blood smell and body pain so this mean women should put perfuim and i mean it’s aloud.
    also women on there monthly period might feel more hot than you think or if she is pregnant or fever if she is old and her period stopped,she might need easy clothes leave her,some women might invite people to islam more than had all the right befor to worry about your daughter and wife i mean befor with the old goverment it was hard on all but with me you should not worry leave everything normal,i will not eat them donnot worry,only wrong action’s need lot’s of advice.Thank you
    signing QUEEN NORA

  2. Nora says:

    Hello to all,
    i am queen Nora and as a spirit person i can see future danger on us and on all of the people on earth if peace from now donnot spread on earth from all people.
    we must start by crowning our self king and queen from now,so please give this text to wazer el aokaf,please say to him to call all of the presidents of the world with the muslim’s and christian church to crown me and my huspand king and queen of the world,inform also the embassy to take the agreement from all of the people.
    Also since you are the wazer i would like you to collect the castle key’s from the world castles with the agreement from the people and give them to me,write on each key which castle is for which key so that i may know speak with the head of the museum’s.
    best regard’s signing Queen Nora Altidukes my direct grandmother is Queen Anastasia and Tsar Alexi of all of russia is my grand father and my huspand is from the same bloodline.
    i also have 2 daughter’s and 2 son’s future king’s.
    so we need to start from now before time run out.
    Royal order with big
    Thank you

  3. Nora says:

    Good morning,
    i am Queen Nora,
    i would like you to know that the houses that are build these day’s are the same size as castle’s size and i am not asking to build for my self a big villa because i do understand very well that we have lots of poor people and as we all know that these old stone castle’s are build for our family like all of the rest of the people that had stone houses and lost them because of war,most of these people still have paper right in there family name and this is there right,if these castle’s stay as museum’s they will make money but the true faith full love for my grand mother make me to want them back (we all know this is my family right)i have a word for my father,be like the prophet Solomon and do not be like the other prophet’s because he was a king and a prophet but the other prophet’s were royal but took the hard road,i just want to make it easy for your life and our life because in the end the 2 roads will take you to heaven anyway.Also stop your worry for the other princesses i mean if they will be sad or no because no one will be sad when they see you doing the right thing.You are King Nicholas ii grand child and when you are on the top we will all be happy for you.And keep in mind that i am the choosen one and i see that this must be done for the protection of our right.Thank you Good day.

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