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Al Mayadeen TV


Published: 6 years ago

Category: Lebanon

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Al Mayadeen TV
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Al Mayadeen TV is a Network media fields Arab satellite news channel launched in independent atheist th of June of the year 2012 and taken from the Lebanese capital, Beirut-based. Despite the short life of the fields, but it actually became one of the most important Arab channels widespread and influential, but do not become the first news channel in more than one Arab country because of its commitment to professional and balance in the work, making it an area of ​​convergence and dialogue and interaction. Broadcast channel 24/24 hour introduction more than a dozen newsletters and about 17 diverse program. It also spreads correspondents in the capitals of the decision and a lot of countries in the world and the region from Moscow to Washington, London, Tehran and Pakistan, Afghanistan and Europe and all the Arab countries.
Characterized by fields since its inception in a lot of coverages and made ​​a head start in the journalist’s news and programs. And was a pioneer in the coverage of the Israeli war on Gaza, what about Ngttiyatha in many events to a source of information for the stations major also dealt with a lot of this station coverage areas Calpe NBC and Fox News, Russia Today and France 24 TV Japan and European channels, Arab and international newspapers Kaloashentun Post albeit Monde French.
Target and identity
Network news fields are Arab media network. The fields on the slogan of “reality as it is” committed to doing for the transfer of fact and opinion in the world still in dire straits. He graduated in the fields of critical political moment in the history of the region to be on the scale of the challenge, a new notification Introduction national issues and committed to nationalism and humanity, within the template of professional journalistic objectivity.
Containing fields a variety of talk shows, cultural and intellectual, aims to address the Arab mind the language of sanity and build bridges of dialogue and knowledge, taking advantage of the techniques modern media and the alternative to Chbeckh with visual media, to be a discourse appropriate for all ages and cultures, speech rejects discrimination and racism of all kinds, and is committed to a compass and a single refers to liberate the land and rights of the Arab alike, in the framework brings us to the whole world and isolates us.
In the network fields also names media luminous knew and loved the Arab public, and Ojoha promising new and distinct, including Hamas, will give the new channel and the experienced veteran. The names of cooperating in order to provide better information and news and the most comprehensive and accurate. In order to re-steer the direction of the Arab media to the port of the demands of the public and his views and apprehensions, in the march of news will be the Arab viewer a part of it, not consuming him.
Network media fields: Lighting on yesterday, and the passage of the “reality as it is” and making imagine tomorrow also aspires to be a viewer.
Public policy
“Fields” Arab satellite network logo fact, the media is keen to provide the full picture and accurate information and the transfer of reality as it is, the language of a professional journalist, professional and committed to balance, and to see the modern media age, and simulates the future … is the way the media seeking to be an area of ​​convergence and dialogue and interaction ….
“Fields” following the issues of the nation and the world to see a comprehensive, adheres to the unity of the Arab nation and the cultural interaction with the constituency and regional strategy and is keen on the solidarity of the Muslim world, and communicate with the world of the south of the site of belonging.
“Fields” on the files of the freedoms and reform and social justice and the right of peoples to free expression and to identify choices internal national … embraces the pulse of the people and their everyday concerns in the field, and touches the aspirations of women and young people, and to monitor the case of the poor and the oppressed wherever they are, and pay special attention to human development and social
“Fields” biased to a culture of tolerance and rejection of extremism and terrorism emanating from fixed … diversity into the fabric of the Arab, Bchristier and betrayers and its components, and multi-national network respects the right of difference and encourage dialogue among cultures and civilizations, which is a platform for dialogue with the West European and American.
“Fields” do not allow to be the framework for any racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination and religious divide and incite sectarian and doctrinal.
“Fields” you see in the Palestinian issue the title of national liberation, and attend a central channel …. dealing with the Palestinians as one people in the homeland and in the diaspora, and as an integrated whole in the interior, including the Palestinians of the territory of the forty-eight … to file the prisoners inside Israeli jails constant attention.
“Fields” rejects any foreign dominance and supports the right of peoples to resist occupation and on the head Alaslaúala occupation of Palestine and Arab lands. Al Mayadeen is on air for 24 hours per day. As of September 2013, the channel had ten daily news reports and nearly 17 distinct programs.[16] One of its programs is A Free Word, a show hosted by George Galloway.
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بئر حسن منطقة السفارات، بيروت ـ لبنان 
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Al Mayadeen Satellite Media Network
11 June 2012; 2 years ago
Private cable television
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Reality As It Is

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