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Canal ATV Peru

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Published: 7 years ago

Category: Peru

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ATV ( Andina de Televisión )
ATV (Andina de Televisión), es una cadena de televisión peruana con transmisiones regulares desde 1983 y es operada por Andina de Radiodifusión S.A.C. The origins of Lima Channel 9 back to May 28, 1954 , when Alfonso Pereyra was first tested TV at Hotel Bolivar in that city through channel 3. Shortly after Pereyra is associated with Miro- Quesada family daily El Comercio to form a new television . Thus, the August 2, 1959 , Channel 9 Business Radials and Television Productions began broadcasting . The March 20, 1960 stopped broadcasting due to the bankruptcy of the company that operated the canal. Then , Radio America, acquires the channel to relaunch in early April 1962 as an annex to its television station Channel 4. However, in late 1971 , the station manager Nicanor Gonzalez, decided to suspend indefinitely transmissions to avoid a threat of expropriation by the military government , which finally happened marking the end of the old channel 9 of the Peruvian capital. Your local and equipment were delivered to Channel 7 and a few years later began to use 9 as the frequency of the repeater state broadcaster in Lima. Starting the 1980s , Broadcasting Andina , SA a new private company then led by Carlos Pacheco Blight acquires the license to operate VHF channel 9 in Lima. The officers of the new Channel 9 broadcasts began on Monday April 18, 1983 , when it opened at its headquarters in Avenida Arequipa by the president of the republic Fernando Belaiinde after a big campaign issue for three months and in test signal . Channel 9 audience and quickly gained popularity throughout the decade showing a varied program with famous films (after the opening ceremony was presented Summer Madness ) U.S. series debut as MacGyver or Hunter Hunter ; successful Venezuelan telenovelas as Amazon, crystal or pink lady and animated as Sandybelle and Dungeons and Dragons series. As for own production was much loved by the public during this time with successful programs like the humorous finger , newspaper Tonight Gonzalo Rojas, Document and One plus one of Fernando Ampuero The Hits Musical Moment Miguel Milla and those responsible news with unforgettable figures as Aldo Morzán , Maria Teresa Braschi , Gonzalo Iwasaki, Sato Suzie and the late journalist Maria Claudia Zavalaga . In 1986 , Channel 9 is associated with BOW ( Associate Producer, SA ) of Francisco J. Lombardi on his first dramatic production: Malahierba telenovela. Then came under your skin (1987 ) , Paloma (1988) and Kiatari , looking the moon (1989 ) ..
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