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Canal 12 Multimedios


Published: 10 years ago

Category: Latino, Mexico

TV Information:

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Watch Canal 12 Multimedios TV Live Online. Canal 12 Multimedios TV streaming on internet, and free. Canal 12 Multimedios is a is a breaking news TV station television channel from Mexico. Multimedios Television is a network of Spanish language television stations found throughout Mexico. The system is part of Grupo Multimedios It has two channels, one broadcast on XHAW-TV channel 12 in Monterrey which features locally produced news, sports, children’s shows and general mass appeal programming. Deliver various specific programmes and offers a variety of entertainment, sports, and news, broadcast live from Mexico.
Paricutin 312 Sur – Col. Roma
Postal Code : MX-64700
Monterrey N.L.
Phone +52 81 8369 9999
Fax +52 81 8369 9966
Home Page
TV Name
Intelsat 1R
Intelsat 21
QuetzSat 1
AMC 18
EchoStar 11
AMC 21
AMC 11
DirecTV 7S
Terrestrial televisionnetwork
Distributed in Northern and Central Mexico, and some areas of Southern United States
Former names
Canal 12
Grupo Multimedios
Key people
Francisco Gonzalez
Launch date
February 24, 1968

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