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Canal Savoir TV


Published: 11 years ago

Category: Canada

TV Information:

Canal Savoir offers rich programs learn to perfect your knowledge and your reflections. Founded in 1984. Canal Savoir devoted 30 years his entire schedule to the dissemination of knowledge and enhancement ideas. Canal Savoir is a nonprofit organization whose objects are to exploit and develop its television station (broadcasting since 1984) dedicated to the dissemination and extension of knowledge, and to witness the excitement of the creation of environments knowledge, including public or private post-secondary institutions. Its is a Canadian French language educational television station in the province of Quebec, owned by a private consortium known as CANAL, consisting primarily of Quebec-based post-secondary institutions. CFTU currently uses the on-air brand, Canal Savoir. It is licensed to and located in the city of Montreal.
Official Website :
Headquarters address
2200, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, 1er étage, Montreal, Quebec H2K 2J1
Social Media
Phone: +514 509-2222
Email :

One Response to “Canal Savoir TV”

  1. Cecile G says:

    I updated my computer to Windows 10. It was a bad experience.
    I returned to Windows 7, however your site is all different now.
    I had an email address to communicate with you, now there is nothing.
    Except for this site, which I don’t know of any outcomes yet.
    If ever this present site doesn’t work properly as expected: I wouldn’t call it an improvement.
    Quickly revising all the new sites, I found them complicated and incomprehensible.

    I would like to recover a dear program that went on around 11 pm on Friday night, April 8, 2016 about a man who is a pearl, who talked about doing business with New York City…… I didn’t write his name right away, therefore I lost it. Could you tell me, how I could see that same program again, its title, the name of the speaker?

    I was able to see only the very end of the program.
    It seems to have been one of the most impressing program because of its context, touching the better part of the province of Quebec and Canada……. involving our greatest interest of all times, ever.

    I would appreciate, if ever you are able, to repeat this program.
    Letting me know when it will reappear.
    To see this episode of its entirety, would be of my greatest pleasure.
    I sincerely imagine also, that this show would be beneficial, and at greatest interest to all residents of Canada……. proud to hear it repeatedly.

    Thanking you in advance……….. Cecile 450-371-2627

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