Sudan Bukra TV
April 29, 2019 Sudan
Saouda Bakra channel is broadcast in standard quality SD, Channel launched 10 April 2015 it can be easily received on any type of receiver Digital and does not require a receiver HD to receive the channel on the Egyptian satellite NileSat. The channel appears during a search of the channel in the receiver on behalf of Sudan Bukra. The frequency of the Sudanese channel Sudan Bakra Sudanese rock on Nilesat will become the talk of the next time period with the emergence of channel Sudan Bakr as some call them. To be the latest Sudanese channels on the Egyptian satellite NileSat especially with the development of the situation in Sudan, and the direction of the Sudanese people and the Arab people in general to follow the current events in the country amid the great momentum experienced by the sisterly country of Sudan. It is still being tested so far. We will discuss the frequency of the Sudan TV channel and the frequency programming method in detail on Nilesat, by following some steps to receive the channel especially among the beginners in satellite programming.
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