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Published: 1 year ago

Category: Religious, South Korea, USA


TV Information:

CGNTV Online

CGNTV Online CGNTV is a television station in Seoul, South Korea, providing Religious Christian programming. CGN TV USA program consists of services, conferences, sermons, quiet times, news, columns, and documentaries for everyone including children and youth. All programs are free for our satellite subscribers and all operation costs covered through donations.

cgntv online Christian Global Network Television (CGNTV) (cgntv online) is a nonprofit organization established by Onnuri Church, a Korean Protestant church established in 2000. On March 29, 2005 CGNTV launched its head office in Seoul, Korea and on August 27, 2005 its USA branch office in Los Angeles, California. Through these two locations, our network is accessible to Korean speakers all over the world.. CGNTV (Christian Global Network Television, Global CGNTV) — Gospel clock channel in South Korea cgntv online . It is strictly excluded from commercial broadcasting and is funded entirely as a fund. Currently, it is broadcasting 24 hours in 7 languages in 170 countries based on satellite, IPTV, cable and mobile. cgntv online was established to provide spiritual support to missionaries and families who have been sent to all over the world and who are working alone. By using 6 satellites in the beginning, they broadcasted to the whole world. However, due to the development of internet, IPTV and mobile As well as the audience.
with the launching of cgntv online Japan in Tokyo and Osaka on October 30, 2006, CGNTV entered a transitional period. It took its’ first step in providing a “customized network” for the numerous different languages, ethnicities and countries in the world. Following the 24-hour customized broadcast in Japanese, CGNTV plans to launch “CGNTV China” in January of 2008 and “CGNTV Latina” for those in South and Central America in March of 2008.
Program contents
CGNTV, The path of the Gospel for the whole world. On Sunday, some of the worship services on Onnuri Church’s Serving Campus and Yangjae Campus will be shown in real time. The worship service is divided into three parts (11:30 am), 4 copies (1:50 pm), a serving English Worship (4 pm), and a new worship service at 6 pm (7 pm). In addition, the Onwoori Church Serving Campus and Yangjae Campus worship services will be retransmitted through the CGN TV site. CGNTV Living Life – Stream podcast episodes of English QT – Living Life.
Broadcasting globally 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. The purpose was to supply Korean missionaries all over the world with spiritual training resources as well as help Korean Christian Diasporas maintain their spiritual walks with God.
616 S.Westmoreland Ave.
Suite 408
Los Angeles
CA 90005
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