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Published: 1 year ago

Category: Argentina, Movies, Music


TV Information:

Telemax (TLX) is a cable television channel that broadcasts entertainment and music programs. In the beginning of 2007, Telemax tried to be a competition to Metro channel Artear, where there are mostly programs politics and economics, which bases its business model in rent spaces for anyone or producer may have its own program . They also tried to take advantage of programs that ran out screen after closing P + E and Plus satellite (which belonged to PRAMER). At the time he had some political programs with Mauro Viale and Chiche Gelblung (which at that time worked in Channel 26), broadcasting live programs and repetitions. With the passage of time began to have a limited transmission for lack of programming, emitting only from 20:00 to 06:00. In 2009 the original idea of ​​the channel was distorted by lack of budget, which led to complement programming with repetitions, paid spaces and programs not related to politics, mostly coming from channel K24 that had been closed by Telecentro . It is owned by TeleCentro, located in San Justo, Buenos Aires Province.
c/o Telecentro SA
Av. Corrientes 640 Piso 3º
Buenos Aires
Phone : +54 (0)11 6380 9500
Email :

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