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El 10 TV (LW86)


Published: 2 years ago

Category: Argentina


TV Information:

TELE 10 begins its broadcasts in the middle of 2010 and is proud to have a complete grid of purely local programming, thus giving opportunities for communication development to all professionals in audiovisual media. It has productions of varied content ranging from politics, general information, children’s programs, musicals, cooking, curiosities, competitions, sports, cultural and educational. It should be noted that this medium took its first steps without the contribution of any capital other than the emergence of its own effort. Despite being a new medium in Salta Capital, it is already part of the homes of a vast region of northern Argentina. A pleasant surprise was to check the magnitude of our audience that we measured in the messages received at peak times which never fall between 1200 and 1500. With this result we see reflected in the homes salteños our goal fulfilled, which was always to entertain and give Social participation in the Salta media. We also assume the economic need of our viewers by organizing campaigns of public benefit, the last one was the day of the child in which more than 500 toys were distributed to different homes and hospitals in this city. We also have an outdoor truck for transmissions from anywhere in the province.
Av. Juan Domingo Peron 2600
Camino a San Lorenzo
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