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Canal 6 San Rafael TV


Published: 2 years ago

Category: Argentina


TV Information:

El Seis  Channel launched 19 April 1964. Channel 6 celebrates 50 years as pioneers of television in southern Mendoza
The 19 of April of 1964 began the history of the television in San
Rafael. Channel 6 issued the first signal to the few receivers of the department.
A transmitter and a small antenna, radiated its televising debut.
There are many memories that come to our mind, when we talk or remember the images that have happened in 50 years of channel 6. That channel that gave us company, with programming information, fun and entertainment.
The first televisions in the districts united almost all the neighborhood, since the television receivers, were few and were not within reach of all.
The venture was great, the idea was great. And the team that made it shine channel 6 were the best of the time and the greatest masters of today. Among them: Alberto Roldán and Ángel Ismael Orbelli for the press department, Rodolfo Vizcaya, Roberto Leytes, José Rodríguez and the great creative Marcelo Darío.
In 50 years, events of the world happened in the plane: political, artistic, social and the voices of the Sanrafaelinos people who never stopped being present in the screen of the splendorous channel.
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