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March 31, 2017 Religious
Tsargrad is a Russian news channel that adheres to conservative and Orthodox positions. Owner – patron and businessman Konstantin Malofeev.
This is the audience of the TV channel and the site + Tsargrad +. We set ourselves the task of learning to adequately represent the point of view of the Russian Orthodox majority. We can, we will and we will talk and argue about what our people are concerned about.
We know that together we can revive the former greatness of Tsarist Russia. Therefore, it is important for us to know and remember the history of our great country and, above all, people who could create it, protect it and pass it on to us.
Now it is our turn to protect the Fatherland and the Orthodox Faith from those who would like to destroy the spiritual core of the Russian outlook and Russian culture. We appreciate Russian traditions and are not afraid to appear moralists. At the same time, we do not impose our opinion, but we offer information, facts and meanings, leaving you the right to choose.
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