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March 20, 2017 Turkey
The Team of Agriculture comes with Toprak TV. Toprak Tv is launching on behalf of our country, on behalf of Turkey, in the name of Agriculture and food sector with a new vision … Toprak Tv is getting a great service love with power from its experienced staff who knows all aspects of the agriculture sector.
A strong domestic and strong capital structure reinforced by new professional investments such as professional technical team, channel center, studios, high technological equipment, proven professional and infrastructure experience, agriculture-related production, marketing and organization experience, We are inviting you to work with “Team” of “Agriculture” thanks to entrepreneurial and innovative approaches that have evaluated the expectations well.
Meşrutiyet Mh. Halaskargazi Cd.Ebekızı Sk. No:16 A Blok Kat:11/74 Osmanbey, Şişli, İstanbul, TÜRKİYE
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