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Tele 1 TV


Published: 2 years ago

Category: Turkey

TV Information:

Channel launched 01 December 2016. Called as a channel far above the Turkish standards, Tele 1 began with a free thought in its broadcast life. It is a fact that the part that watches the most television in the world is in Turkey. According to the survey data, the time zone of a person in Turkey on television is 5. With the calculation of such a data, it is understood that people in Turkey are happy to watch from a distance. Tele1 television started broadcasting as a channel that aims to meet this demand. With an understanding of an impartial broadcast flow, you have come face to face with the audience. The channel meets Türksat 4-A, D- Smart 273 and Digiturk Satellite Package 230. Can be reached from the channel. Satellite frequency of the channel broadcasting live continuously; 11 824, Symbol Rate; 8000, Vertical. In addition, traceability settings are also made in Digiturk and cable broadcasts at the nearest time.
The channel meets the spectators every day during the week at 13:00 with the news flow of Musa Özüğurlu by the name of Gün Akıyor. Until the truth of the news from the social media, a detailed news story awaits you alive. Every day on weekdays at 16:00 a day turns, Umit Zileli discusses hot day with expert guests. The channel is self assured and has a team of experts on the job. The Main News Bulletin, published at 19:00 hours, presents all the incidents that are happening in the world to the finest detail. You are worth to us and we are the most understanding of the Tele1 channel for you, with the most accurate, unbiased news understanding for you.
Huzur Mah., Ahmet Bayman Cad., No:2 Kat:3
Maslak, Sarıyer
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