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Ülke TV


Published: 1 year ago

Category: Turkey


TV Information:

Istanbul based news / culture channel. It started broadcasting on April 17, 2006. It is a broadcasting organization that carries social responsibility and fulfills its responsibilities.
It respects human rights, it is against all kinds of terror, violence, torture, fanaticism, racism and exploitation.
Religious, moral and spiritual values ​​are respectful.
It is based on contributing to the existence of national culture, society, science and art; It uses Turkic language in a way that promotes correct and language consciousness.
It observes the integrity of Turkey and the interests of the country in its publications.
It is about equality and justice; Rejects all kinds of persecution.
It is based on the rule of law; Freedom and polyphony.
He regards democracy as one of the common values ​​of humanity.
It sees its economic independence as an indispensable condition for fulfilling its social responsibility.
Respect for labor; Relations between employees are carried out on the basis of mutual trust and responsibility.
Corporate competitiveness aims at continuous improvement and total quality in consciousness.
He rejects the status quo.
In publications, it is a “side” of universal publishing principles.
Turkey is committed to adhere to the “Turkish Journalists Rights and Responsibility Declaration” prepared by the Journalists Association of Turkey. It works for the principle and ethical understanding stated in this text to be widespread in Turkey.
Otakcılar Cad. No:78
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