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Meltem TV


Published: 2 years ago

Category: Turkey

TV Information:

Founded in 1991, Meltem TV won the national broadcasting rights in 1993. Meltem Radio and Television Broadcasting Inc. The channel established by the company’s owner Haydar Baş is the sister channel of Meltem Radio. Broadcasts that mainly focus on cultural values ​​are included. Nowadays, broadcasts are being made in many continents like Europe, Asia and Africa. The channel which is followed by Türksat 3A can also be followed online via internet. Meltem Tv, which has once been popular, but continues to broadcast as a different channel with the concept change later, is now starting to recover and is most importantly known as a full-fledged youth channel. It is correct to say that they have made an important contribution to the series, documentaries and foreign films, and they continue to progress this way. Meltem Tv, where entertainment programs and morning programs are also intensely popular, prefer to appeal to more young people and become a guest of my screens with an image. You can get free and follow the publications by using our channel screen which is a bit exaggerated about the series and documentary but it is aiming to attract the young people literally. On Mondays, at 16:00, our screens continue to offer you buffs to protect your health with the participation of Life and Health and expert names. It is possible to say that it is one of the most watched programs of the channel and the program which examines different diseases undertakes a great help campaign by undertaking the treatment of many patients free of charge.
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