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January 23, 2017 Turkey
Kirsehir TV (Kırşehir TV) is a television station in Turkey. Dedicated to News Culture. providing News programming. KIRŞEHİR (İHA) – Web TV, which was created in the municipality and passed on by the IT department, started broadcasting.
Web TV, which gave its first program live at the meeting of Geothermal Sourced Municipalities Association, was alive after 4 months preparatory work.
Yasar Bahçeci’nin municipal work on the behalf of the public more transparent and impartial in line with the instructions given by the Web TV, live broadcast programs within the municipality.
Mayor Yasar Bahçeci, who gives information about the service provided, said that they are trying to put forth a vision in the sense of municipality together with the created eqip.
The Mayor Bahçeci, who described the Web TV project for the first time in the municipality, said, “We started to work with an institutional municipality identity, and we have been working with the awareness that the most important problem in Kırşehir has been institutionalization since the day we were first elected. said.
Bahçeci stated that they carried out their work in order to see transparent municipality works on the spot without any hesitation and added that “We pay more attention to seeing every unit and work of the people more transparently.” We brought a more transparent and visible municipalism instead of destroying many firsts in Kırşehir. It will be important for us to be able to see our services. ”
Web TV is organized by the Information Technologies Department.
Kervansaray, Bekir Kadı Cad. Gökbulut İş Hanı, 40200 Kırşehir Merkez/Kırşehir, Turki
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