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Kanal 26 TV


Published: 2 years ago

Category: Turkey

TV Information:

A story that has been going on since 1992 … KANAL 26 TV, which takes the principle of being a continuous stream of broadcasting and always one step ahead, started broadcasting in 1992 with the first special special slogan of Eskişehir which does not compromise its realism and principles. As an honorable member of press history in 1908, Eskişehir has become one of the pioneer figures in Turkey.
Kanal 26 Television has been proved to be the biggest and most influential media organization of Eskişehir with a conscious, contemporary, rational and publishing policy in a very short time in Eskişehir press, which is also old in our province.
Eskişehir’s news channel, Kanal 26, was the fastest, easiest and most accurate news release of the last minute news, making Eskisehir’s eyes worn out. It has gained wide popularity with its programs such as economy, politics, sports, education, arts, science, health, documentary etc. and has been among the top 4 channels among all national and local channels broadcasting in Eskişehir.
Kanal 26 TV broadcasting which started broadcasting on November 26, 1992 is continuing from UHF 29th band and TÜRKKSAT KABLO TV TELEDONYA 131. channel on 26 May 2011. Channel 26 TV July 2, 2012 From Monday, TÜRKSAT 3 A started with 11592 frequencies, the symbol 27500 Polarization Vertical FEC: 3/4 `den satellite broadcasts. Kanal 26 TV, which has always been one of the leading publishing companies for more than 20 years and has always been one step ahead, became the eyes of the Eskişehirs with their conscious, contemporary, rational and positive publications without compromising from the realism, publishing principles, general moral rules, love of motherland and flag. Now, with the slogan “ESKİŞEHİR” opened to the world, Kanal 26 TV aims to be a channel that can be followed by our audiences all over Turkey and the world with its quality, level programming approach which will continue to deliver its broadcasts to all of Turkey and the world. We will be pleased to introduce Eskişehir, which will grow and develop every day and become the Turkish Capital of Culture in 2013, and to introduce it to Turkey and the world through Channel 26 TV.
Kanal 26 | Eskişehir TV
Tunalı Mah.Gaffar Okkan Cd. No:1 Tepebaşı/ESKİŞEHİR
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