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Hilal TV


Published: 2 years ago

Category: Turkey

TV Information:

Hilal TV has started broadcasting in the month of Ramadan in 2005. It reaches the audience through satellite broadcasting; Turkey and Europe in particular, South Asia, part of the Middle East, North Africa and Northern Hijaz regions are followed. In addition, it can be watched from cable broadcast and D-Smart in Turkey, and broadcasts can be watched all over the world from internet address.
As a publishing policy, we prefer the concept of religious broadcasting and have a rich content addressing all segments of the society. He regards the concept of family as a sine qua non that ignores social morality, and recognizes that it is his duty to emphasize the importance of every field education. It has developed a unique publishing understanding that targets the basic stones of our society like children, families, youth, educators, unity and solidarity, ethical sensitivity and preoccupied publications.
His publications mainly include Tafsir, Hadis and Siyer, and religious sciences. He participates in scientific conferences held in Turkey and makes live broadcasts from these places. It broadcasts images of evening and night prayers from the Kaaba, including Ramadan and the Hajj every day, given by the Saudi Arabia channel. Thus, the people of Turkey are going to Kaba longing for a bit.
Hilal TV, which is still broadcasting in Istanbul / Bağcılar, is a window of Turkey especially opened to the Islamic world and Muslims.
Göztepe mah.Mahmutbey Cad.İstoç Oto Ticaret Merkezi 3.Cad.N-5 Blok 1.Kat No:109-111 Bağcılar/İSTANBUL
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