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Fortuna TV


Published: 3 years ago

Category: Turkey

TV Information:

FortunaTV Channel Turkey’s FIRST INTERNET TELEVISION fortunaTV Channel (First Publication Date: 2006). Life Style & Moda Television Channel Fortuna TV Channel brand & infrastructure, which is currently broadcasting in English to all over the world and represented in 12 countries, was launched by Fortuna Victory in 1993 and became the first internet TV of our country. Until 2005, it started with video sharing and it started its first broadcast in 2006 through Mogulus based in Bangalore, India. At the end of the two-year broadcast, fortunaTV Channel continued its broadcast on the same platform in 2008 with the introduction of Mogulus into its world-famous all-inclusive channel, LiveStream, to New York & Los Angeles. In our country this platform was recognized in 2008 thanks to fortunaTV and new channels started to open. Life Style & Fashion Channel FortunaTV continues to rank among the world’s most famous channels in the top 10, with the advantage of being one of the first members of its stable broadcast & system [16/9] format, in the top three in its category. In addition to combining women, cosmetics, make-up, hair, aesthetic beauty, healthy living, space, fashion & cinema art, local and foreign ‘Legal’ video clips and trailers were added for the first time on fortunaTV. The fortunaTV display, which carries on its visit to over 20 million people, promotes female contact, not the sexual objects, but the ” only images that appeal to women ”.
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