Denizli TV
January 12, 2017 Turkey
Denizli TV located in the Aegean region and broadcasting in Denizli, broadcasts on Türksat 4A satellite as well as terrestrial broadcasting. Mustafa Kaya’s general editorial director is Denizli’s news channel, occasionally channeling the audience to programs with his programs, his own news site and newspaper. Other local channels broadcasting in Denizli are Pamukkale TV, Kent Deha TV and Horoz TV, and DRT Denizli is ahead of other competitors. Especially broadcasting via satellite has attracted both the general audience and the people who are longing for the country. The channel can also be watched live on our site at the same time. You can follow it seamlessly on our site, even if there is no broadcast stream yet.
Saraylar Mah. 358 Sok. No: 18
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Phone : +90 258 242 5353
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