Biat TV
January 12, 2017 Turkey
Biat TV which we have heard often lately, shows a TV channel broadcasting over the internet. The content of the channel is usually religious and health issues. You can learn how to treat health problems with the spirit of spirituality. You can also be informed of the opinions of the doctors and the plants that are good for your discomfort. It does not go out of the scope of these issues.
Broadcasting over the Internet is not a barrier to live broadcasting. Most programs are broadcast live from the studio. So he believes it will be more useful to the audience. Broadcasts are very rare. You can also find and watch repetitions of programs you missed on the internet. So you will be more productive in matters of religion and health.
Biat tv can be watched with biat tv watch options via its web site. The channel has a general broadcast stream and schedule. You can also get the program stream from the same website. You will gain a new dimension in terms of healthcare programa, where specialist guests are involved and expert coaches are involved. By combining religious topics and health issues, you can take advantage of the power of duality in improving your health.
You will witness the meaning of prayer and the power of prayer, the power and the mystery of prayer as a biat tv live broadcast in the broadcast of the television in religious matters. By listening to the Qur’an clock and the Qur’an, you will have the opportunity to learn its meanings and translations. You can listen to each other’s beautiful province with your divine watch. Religious films related to religious topics are also included in the flow of the broadcast. Cartoons for children are also available. You can also watch documentaries for adults and children. The Biat tv documentary band meets with your valuable viewers between 15.00 and 18.00 on weekdays or weekends.
They also offer special programs for special occasions and Ramadan, special for the holidays. It is a channel that can be watched by the family. You can follow this channel online to learn new information about health by big or small groups of all ages or to listen to religious chats and Qur’an. Thus, you will learn a spiritual spirit and learning together. Every day in prayer time our children have a chance to teach new prayers.
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