Aras TV
January 11, 2017 Turkey
Erzurum-based Aras Media Broadcasting, which has the sole right to broadcast over the cable to the region with the name Aras TV.11027 MHz frequency, Horizontal H-polarization, 7500 Symbol Rate and FEC began broadcasting on March 3, “In order to provide visual publishing service with the name” aras TV “, an area of ​​600 square meters in the Yakutiye District of Erzurum entered service with an investment of 1 million TL.
With all the necessary technical equipment for professional publishing, the necessary work areas were created with one year of efforts and support of the partners of the company. The technical infrastructure provided is approved and the necessary permits are deemed appropriate. Through our broadcast Internet and cable, Turkey is spreading widely and will be watched from Europe. ”
As Aras TV, while meeting socio-cultural values ​​with the local and moral values ​​of the region as well as Turkey, Aras TV not only keeps the sensitivity, sensitivity and problems of the people of the region with the live and packaged programs, It is aimed to move alternative ideas and thoughts to the screens to solve the problems by avoiding ”
Ayazpaşa, No:, Namık Sk. No:3, 25100 Yakutiye/Erzurum, Turkey
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