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Aksu TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Turkey

TV Information:

AKSU Logolu Televizyon started broadcasting about 9 years ago. Our organization which broadcasts 12,641 frequencies, 30000 symbol ratios, 5/6 horizantal parameters from TÜRKSAT 3A conformity is clearly observed from Kahramanmaraş center to all of Turkey, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and China.
Our TV building in Kahramanmaras is 4 floors with a total area of ​​1,600 square meters and has been designed as a TV building from the construction stage. An average of 10 live broadcasts per week are broadcasted from 300 square meter closed area live broadcasting studios.
Our television has gained incredible success in publishing within a short period of time since its publication. Each day, 2 live broadcasts meet our audience with different content programs.
Aksu TV serves with its team of about 50 people in its headquarters and regions. Every day, we continue to add new teammates to our new initiatives.
Aksu TV has the opportunity to broadcast live in different venues outside the studio with live broadcast.
If information is given 2 days ago, it has the opportunity to shoot live TV broadcasts of many TV establishments in Turkey as well as the possibility of live broadcasting in every corner of Turkey.
In order to closely follow the dormitory and the world agenda, the international news agency AKHA and the AA news subscriber AKSU TV are broadcasting news and live broadcasts in the national news channels and in the pools of AA and AA.
Established about 6 years ago by entrepreneurs who see this dilemma in order to meet the economic and socio-cultural needs of Kahramanmaraş and the region, AKSU TV produces a continuous service in the awareness of its great responsibility.
AKSUTV, which produces ideas and public opinion in all matters with its mission of power and neutrality, is one of the biggest source of wealth, and its success and prestige will be an example for all organizations.
AKSU TV, which is appreciated by all the foci of the city and the region thanks to a supra-political identity and rational administrations, has taken this superiority as a nation and has taken its exceptional place among television organizations throughout Turkey.
8, rue Nayel
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Phone : +02 97 84 77 01
Advertising agency: 06 69 39 88 75

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