Abant TV
January 11, 2017 Turkey
Abant TV owner Mehmet Altun. Abant TV is a live radio station broadcasting from Bolu, Turkey and dedicated to News. In order to be able to watch Abant TV, your dish antenna should be tuned to Türksat. If you have a dish antenna for your Turksat satellite, open the menu of your satellite device from the setup menu (add transponder on some devices, manual channel search or similar) from the setup menu. Select “Turksat” in the satellite name section. Enter the number 11594 in the frequency section at the bottom. In the Polarization section, select V – Vertical. Enter 25000 in the symbol field. Many satellite devices automatically select Fec value. Once all the frequency values are entered correctly, start the search.
Köroğlu Mahallesi Eski Gerede Caddesi Ruşen Ali Apartmanı No:50
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Phone : +90 (0)374 210 6000
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Frequency: 11593 – SR: 27500 POLARIZATION: V-VERTICAL – FEC: 3/4
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