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Tegar TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Indonesia

TV Information:

Tegar TV is one of the local television in Lampung province, began broadcasting on March 10, 2008.
Tough TV always trying to develop programs of education, religion, culture, and tourism that are expected to provide information and entertainment that appeals to the public to educate and Lampung Province and surrounding areas.
Tough occupy TV / channel 42 UHF frequencies with a range that goes in Lampung with a number of 19-hour broadcasting hours of 06.00 s.d 23:00 pm while on Saturdays from 6.00 s.d 02:00. Besides being able to enjoy the 42 UHF frequencies Hardcore TV can be viewed via live streaming on the website and and through android application which can be downloaded at google PlayStore.
Jl. ZA Pagaralam No.12/14 Gedungmeneng – Bandar Lampung.
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Phone : Telp. 0721 – 788 585 & 708 777
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