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Sada Elbalad TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Egypt, Sports

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TV Information:

El Balad TV is one of the branches of Cleopatra Media, El Balad TV was founded after the revolution in 2011.  a subsidiary of Cleopatra Group companies owned by businessman Mohammad Abu-eyed; a political and parliamentary known and Honorary President of the Parliament of the Euro-Mediterranean and one of the most important businessmen in Egypt and the Middle East, known for his patriotism and his love of Egypt and his defense of Egypt’s deeply ingrained constants
The objective of the establishment of the network channels echo the country is to provide media content purposefully characterized credibility in the transfer of news and fair in dealing with events and convey to viewers actually raises controversial issues with views different matter transparently and without bias permanent motto
The beginning of the channel echo the public of the country starting in the twenty-eighth of the month of November 2011 with the start of the first stage of the first parliamentary elections in Egypt after the twenty-fifth of January revolution and provided the channel and comprehensive live coverage of all circles of Egypt all the provinces of the three phases in the elections, and also to reruns in some quarters over more 18-hour air daily, both through analytical studio, which included a galaxy of VIP guests from all the different political currents beside the live coverage on the ground through the channel cameras (live View), which were scattered all over the republic for the transfer of reality to viewers directly.
Channel comprises a constellation of Almzieian and media distinguished owners experience (Ahmed Moussa; Ahmed Schubert; Azza Mustafa, Chairman of Channel One Egyptian TV earlier; we Ramiz former head of Canal entertainment channels specialized; columnist Hamdi Rizk, editor of a magazine photographer previously; and MP Mustafa Bakri and the announcer Rasha Magdi )
The channel made many outstanding programs since its inception and are in constant evolution every three months a new map software
El Balad TV offers three TV channels which offer News and Entertainment. The most important programs that were presented in the channel (my responsibility; with Schubert; Studio country; look; facts and secrets; people choose the president; eaters of my own; our country; may Allah be pleased with him; oppressor nor oppressed; Agherodstrk; and taught the Koran; the Parliament in 2013; in addition to the coverages special events and occasions)
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Contact mobile: 5774
Contact from the ground: 09000774
Contact from around the world: 0088216900111
Messages: 92,234
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Echo each country the people of the country
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