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Aswaja TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Indonesia

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TV Information:

Aswaja Streaming TV – Television Ahlussunnah wal Jama’ah, known as ASWAJA TV with tagline The Real Indonesian Moslem Channel is a television station that answers the needs of Indonesian Muslims in particular and in Asia and Australia will generally broadcasts Islamic nuances. Broadcasts that can be caught with ordinary television antenna at a frequency of 03 932 – Vertical – Symbol Rate 15800 – MPEG2 can also be seen via the computer / laptop screen and tablet / smartphone in ASWAJA TV LIVE STREAMING.
LIVE STREAMING TV ASWAJA which began airing on the night of Revelation of the Quran in 2013 aired category events Morals, creed, Heresy, arguments Amaliyah Aswaja Scientific Debate, Fadhilah, Fiqh and Wisdom, Worship, All NU’s, Maulid, counsel, prayer, study groups, Sufism, Tawhid and Wahabi. The majority of the show in the form of lectures, discussions, debates and prayers.
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Jakarta, Indonesia
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Satelit Palapa D – Frekuensi 03932/ Vertikal /SR15800/MPEG2

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