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Start TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Greece

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TV Information:

The Star is the pleasant and positive friend, that when you come in contact with him, you feel that you can not see me again life with more optimism while you get informed him sober but pleasant and fun. Look through our channel on YouTube, valid, complete and simultaneously view different news, immediately after their completion, the sheets while presenting sign and your favorite daily shows, series and games. Still, Web-only broadcasts betting, Health-Beauty, combat sports, technology, pet and car, Star Classics, with oldest Greek series and entertainment shows, with presenters favorite, leading protagonists and important artists in their first steps in acting or the song. And of course, the trailers for foreign films, the Star trademark, as well as trailers for our Greek and foreign series.
Nat. Lefkimi (Tsar) Corfu. CC. 49100
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