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Enosi Kentroon TV


Published: 3 years ago

Category: Greece


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The Enosi Kentroon TV Founded on March 2, 1992. exponent of the positions of the always dynamic and sincere Leventis Claus is clearly oriented in the Centre area, without these distortions and pathologies. Hopes the power of truth and logic to ignite the spark that will lead the world and especially the youth to adopt its proposals spontaneously, not only at policy level proposal and party identification and a personal line moral level. The exclusion of the media nationwide looked forward to the time delay of this social democratic response wave and requirement institutional and social change to the law, reasonable, achievable. In this context included the ridicule effort Vasilis Leventis, a man who only seeks to become the carrier of ideas and the bearer of awakening and revolution, a peaceful and democratic revolution that will bring much-needed reboot of operation state in healthy foundations hope, toil and honesty.
Kavála, Greece
Phone +210 5220357 Fax: 210 5246864
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