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Farah TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Palestine

TV Information:

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Farah TV set off a television production organization under the name of (Palestinian Association for television production) in 1993 and then expanded the idea to establish a television channel called Farah TV and so in 1994, we have achieved successes that we were one of the first local television channels in the country, and then spread the idea of ​​local channels in Other Palestinian cities as a result of the success of our initiative which has achieved a lot of goals, which has taken upon itself in a period of no where there are TV Media Palestinians only local newspapers, and this prompted us to go to collect these channels through the active contribution of the establishment of several media networks including: the sun, Quds Al-Arabi together, coalition, coalition, the Union for the efforts and competencies assembly and have achieved a stage of our goals successfully, and within a development policy in follow-up and perform media Mission mismatch to move to the stage of the founding of Radio joy FM in 2002 right up to the largest number of listeners and viewers in light of the proliferation of channels space wow achieved in the delivery of our message.
With the development of media and technology and our followers for this acceleration in the role of the media to influence and change entered into electronic media through the creation of our website on the Internet, which includes news community issues and concerns, and all radio and television our productions as well as direct broadcast television and radio on the Internet and on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For more information please visit :
1 Fl.,Al-Naffa’ Housing Bld.,Haifa St.,Besides Safe Side
Jenin, Jenin
Phone : +04-2505021, 0599-300345,

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