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Ishtar TV


Published: 6 years ago

Category: Cartoon, Iraq

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The selection of Ishtar TV name after the name of the goddess Ishtar love and fertility and beauty and tender code we wanted to get into the Ishtar Gate to the media independent Iraqi attaches importance to our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian after the marginalized and suppressed his or her own identity and nationalism over the past decades.
Ishtar is the platform through which kicks off voices of our people free to demand national rights and give a voice inside and outside Iraq to all over the world and to show his identity and civilization and national traditions and customs are the bridge that connects our people in the motherland with our people in the Diaspora.
The Ishtar cultural channel variety of Iraqi origin and orientation concerned with the affairs of Iraq in general, and the affairs of the Chaldean Syriac people Assyrian, in particular, addresses the viewer in three languages Syriac, Arabic, Kurdish, aims to highlight the concerns of all the Iraqi people’s speech quiet balanced impartial and seeks to disseminate the principles of harmony, love and peace and the rejection of discrimination and violence.
And focus on the satellite channel Ishtar interest in Syriac, which is the mother tongue, a language that brings us together and unites us and seeking to revive and develop them through to the next generation to keep them from disappearing.
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Kaziwa St. Malik Mahmoud Road
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Middle East
0662251132 / 009647504155979
+964 (0)53 323 2665
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