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Zougla TV


Published: 6 years ago

Category: Greece

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Zougla TV
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Zougla TV or Jungle TV is an Internet only TV channel. The channel provides mainly political oriented talk programs. It is dedicated to news, revelations, political scandals, and more. Zougla is a Greek television talk show presented by the journalist Makis Triantafyllopoulos. It is dedicated to news, revelations, political scandals, and more. It has aired on various channels throughout the years including Alpha TV then Star Channel then Alter Channel then back at Alpha TV and now back to Alter Channel. This latest change comes in the wake of much controversy surrounding the content of a recent show. Makis discussed government corruption but would not divulge his evidence that he claims he has proving the allegations he has made. This prompted government regulators to fine Alpha TV and him personally. After a heated discussion with station owner Dimitris Kontominas, Mr. Triantafyllopoulos quit. It was recently announced that his shows would be returning to the airwaves this time on Alter Channel.
The name Zougla means “jungle” in Greek. The show always features jungle-like scenery with a jeep, plants and huts, and has been always broadcast at the evening of each Thursday. During his first years of presenting, Triantafyllopoulos presented the show with his pet parrot, Fidel. Unfortunately Fidel died during a fire at the set.
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+30 211 5550 500 / 210 6840 585
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Dimitris Kontominas, Mr. Triantafyllopoulos
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