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SubhavaarthA TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: India

TV Information:


TV Logo
subhavaartha tv online

Subhavaartha TV

TV Name
SubhavaarthA TV
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The company is headed by D.Nehru Dhyriam, a graduate in film technology from the film & TV Institute, Govt.of Tamil Nadu.He has been involved in film and video production for the past 35 years. His rich technical knowledge in all departments of film / television production is the main asset of the Goodnews Channel. He served as the chief producer in the Film &TV Division of the Govt.of Tamil Nadu for over two decades. During his tenure as chief producer, he produced more than 200 documentaries and short films on various subjects. He was also on the advisory board of the UPSC for selecting media related candidates for Doordharshan and other Govt.of India departments.
ashvinHis son, N.Ashvin Dev Dhyriam after graduating from the Film & TV institute, Govt. of Tamilnadu did his post graduation and had advanced training in all areas of TV programming and production at Cross Roads, Burlington, Canada. He is widely travelled and he has handled several video projects in Sweden, Germany and Finland. He has a great passion for teaching and training youngsters in the television media and he is the course director of our Training Institutes at Chennai & Hyderabad.
Street Address
(Goodnews Channel Pvt.Ltd)
No.1-4-747, 2nd and 3rd floor
Musheerabad main road
Above punjab national bank
Postal/Zip Code
500 020, AP INDIA
Religius TV
Telugu / Indian
+91 40 27545777 / +91 40 27535777
Official website
Picture format
Owned By
6TV Group
Broadcast area

subhavaarthA tv online

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