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Okto TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Austria


TV Information:

TV Logo
TV Name
Okto TV
Similiar TV Information
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The TV channel Okto is a participatory television station in Vienna, which is committed to the principles of the civil television. Legally, it is a private TV channel.
The program is geared to groups that are “under-represented in the Austrian media landscape,” according to its own information of the sender. The basis for this Okto the program guidelines are provided. Participation in the program design as a volunteer producer is not paid. Since the transmitter is intended as a communication platform for Vienna, any (r) / wants to participate and can submit a mission concept for a serial production over a period of about 1/2 year after completion of the basic workshops and production produce a “zero point”.
The regulatory authority KommAustria approved “the principles of the Charter for a community television in Austria corresponding, non-commercial, participatory, regional program 24 hours”. It was therefore regionally aligned with an emphasis in the areas of arts and culture. [1] In the letter of acceptance for the operator of the digital terrestrial television operator ORS KommAustria Okto describes as “non-commercial participative full program. It sees itself as a complementary offer in public charitable interest to existing programs of public ORF and the private commercial competitors. ” In a case against the previous MUX C operators who wanted to remove the program from the transmitter offer paid tribute to the regulatory authority in November 2012 expressly states that the Vienna Regional Networks “was viewed in terms of the diversity of opinion as an important component of the program bouquets.” ┬áthe program organizer writes about himself: “Okto focuses on diversity instead of division and forms with its program from urban society in all its diversity. ”
Street Addres
Kapellenweg 7
Postal/Zip Code
+43 (0)1 786 24420
+43 (0)1 786 24424
Official website
Community TV
Owned by
Okto. Community TV-GmbH
28. November 2005
Broadcast radio, television and online
Broadcast area
Program Type
Non-commercial, participatory, regional 24 hours program
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