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Canal Sur Andalucia TV


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Spain


TV Information:

TV Logo
TV Name
Canal Sur Andalucia TV
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The Radio y Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA), a leader in today’s audiovisual market in southern Spain, is located in the Andalusian Public Enterprise Agency. He began his career in late 1988 with the start of emissions Canal Sur Radio, and February 28, 1989 with the appearance on Canal Sur TV antenna. The Agency focuses on the audiovisual business sector in Andalusia has grown significantly in recent years thanks to its implementation.
Years after the start of terrestrial radio and television, RTVA inaugurated in February 1996 broadcast satellite. This event is the first example of the evolution experienced by the audiovisual sector and how it fits RTVA own. From September 1996, the Agency embarked on a process of modernization and diversification unprecedented since birth.
From that date until the end of 1998, new brands company and Canal 2 Andalucía (now called Canal Sur 2), the second terrestrial television signal arise; Andalucía Televisión (trade name of the broadcast satellite), Radio Andalucía information, Canal Festival Radio and Audiovisual Foundation of Andalusia.
RTVA Andalucia or Canal Sur is a public broadcaster (regional government of Andalucia )for the region of Andalucia. The channel was launched in 1989. The channel provides mainly News and current affairs programming.
Street Address
Edificio Canal Sur. Avda. José Gálvez, 1. Isla de la
San Juan de Aznalfarache-Tomares, Km 1,3 41920
San Juan de Aznalfarache (Sevilla)
Postal/Zip Code
CP 41092
Cartuja (Sevilla)
+955 054 600 / RCJA: 354 600
Key People
Massimo Musolino
Alejandro Echevarría
Paolo Vasile
General TV
Official website
Broadcast television network
28 February 1989
Mediaset España Comunicación
Radio y Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA)
National TV
Also received:
Spain: Ceuta, Melilla, Badajoz, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Murcia
Portugal: Algarve
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