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Blue Sky TV


Published: 6 years ago

Category: Greece

TV Information:

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TV Name
Blue Sky TV
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The Blue Sky is a private television station regionally. It started operating in November 1990. It broadcasts from analog Hymettus and Parnitha and digitally from Aegina in the region of Attica and from Friday, July 20, 2012 broadcast nationally, the network platform of OTE TV via satellite and through Conn-X or IPTV. Its program includes informational and educational broadcasts and distance and is the first regional broadcaster who sent out a digital signal from the area of Aegina. Proprietary belongs to General Broadcasting Enterprises SA. Founder and owner of the station is the businessman Victorious Kissandrakis. Blue Sky TV is a local TV channel from Athens. It offers News and Entertainment.
On February 1, 2010, Terence Kouik undertook the presentation of the central bulletin the television station for six months to the end of cooperation with the state television ET3. After the departure of the journalist from the station position was replaced by Emi Libanius despite the information that he was in discussions with the administration of ERT.
The Vefa Alexiadou presents daily show with her daughter Alexia station after the termination of the contract with the Alter, in October 2010.
The informative show “Bulletin 11” presents the former journalist of ERT and head of the press office of the Greek embassy in Belgrade and Moscow, Spyros Chatzaras, often employing the timeliness with viewing messages intolerant anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic theories.
The journalist and writer Kostas Mardas presents the show “Personal Data” whenever hosting important figures such as Takis Suka, the municipality Moutsi, Takis Fotopoulos, George Stathopoulos, Dimitris Mytaras Lina Nikolakopoulou etc.
Too much hype and uproar for weeks created by the allegations made the veteran referee Sotiris Borgia to show “Trial Monday”, leaving serious undertones including for the credibility of some referees and complaints of Criminal Alexis Kougia the same broadcast another day with the Kougia Alexis make revelations through recorded cassettes involves megaloparagontes FC Greek and referees for “rigged” games while former referee Sotiris Vorgias mentioned in the same broadcast another day, that the cartridge content recognized voice of the President of the EPO Sophocles Pilavios that he was communicating with an unknown factor.
Street Address
Dimitros 31
General TV
Postal/Zip Code
+30 210 2855 980
+30 210 2850 197
Picture format
4: 3 (576i, SDTV)
(16: 9 via OTE TV)
November 1990
Nikiforos Kissandrakis
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