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Al Manar TV


Published: 6 years ago

Category: Lebanon

TV Information:

TV Logo
TV Name
Al Manar TV
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Al Manar TV is a media channel, Lebanese, embarked on the ground in 1991 and sent to space in 2000, introduce ourselves that we channel the Arabs and Muslims, our programs stem from the Arab and Islamic cultural environment and the moral and Islamic and Arab values. Channel priorities are the priorities of the Arab public As a channel broadcast in Arabic.
According to our vision, the top priority for the public are legitimate issues for our nation, which combines the Arabs, notably the Palestinian issue, which is of particular news coverage and programmatic. General Al-Manar channel broadcasts various programs of interest to the family and sliced viewers to different types of levels.
We are part of the Lebanese Media Group, an independent company with the Governing Council of the shareholders group in the company involved and considering that the highest percentage of those supporters of the policies of the resistance and Hezbollah understand elected public administration and the Presidency of the Board of Directors are often well-known figure and its location in the Party of God, and at the level of workers. Many of them pro-Hezbollah line resistance politically and therefore it is natural to be media-Manar policy in line by a large margin with the orientations of Hezbollah resistance, Al-Manar and since its inception itself draw a line yourself is resistant media, which reflects the pulse of the street and the nation and the central issues at the forefront of the issue of Palestine and the resistance in Lebanon against the Zionist occupation as well as on the pulse of the Iraqi street resistant to the US occupation and is through this approach has been able to form a media site is very advanced and distinctive and influential in ushering in the nation and turn around the issue of resistance and keep up with victories this resistance since the nineties through the year 2000 and up to the July 2006 war, the great victory of the resistance of the nation in the face of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon.
Street Address
Abed Al-Nour Street, Haret Hreik
PO Box 354/25
Middle East
+961 (0)1 276 000 / (0)3 217 405
+961 (0)1 555 953
Official website
“A Flame that will not be Extinguished”
Lebanese Communication Group 
4 June 1991
Key people
Azzam Al-Tamimi
Middle East Europe

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