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Published: 6 years ago

Category: Kuwait

TV Information:

TV Logo

TV Name
KTV 1 Kuwait
Latest  TV Information From Kuwait 
KTV 2 Kuwait TV
KTV 3 Kuwait TV
Al Watan TV
Al Watan Plus Kuwait
Alwatan Ghanawi TV
Alkarbalaeia TV
Alrai TV
Funoon TV

TV broadcasting began for the first time in Kuwait TV in 1957 by sending station small did not exceed its power ten kW, but the actual starting point was the fifth of November 1961 when the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the government decided to transfer the TV subordination to the state and the to take serious steps to create a core of said media is a bluff (Kuwait TV). Supports so huge and integrated technical capabilities necessary to cover business and various programs and equipment base, both studios equipped centers and production centers montage and fleet external transport cars and broadcasting and reception space and dozens of portable cameras to cover events and local events and business diversified and drama. And do not forget the rebuilding and reconstruction phase after the liberation of Kuwait from the brutal aggression, where television work began on 28/02/1991 AD immediately after liberation. Where he began Kuwait TV sent at that stage on 03/07/1992 m one hour broadcast gradually increased until it reached (16 hours) continuous broadcast in just two months, and then culminated shortly after initiates sending Kuwaiti satellite channel on 4/7/1992 m. In that period was enhanced broadcast the opening of the fourth channel in 01/11/1993 m to complete the march of the satellite channel clock and the participation of the first channel, which stopped later. The taller Kuwaiti Ministry of Information later broadcast a variety of satellite channels on different satellites until it reached six integrated satellite stations operate card high productivity. Its programming cycle changes approximately every three months, and shows special content during the month of Ramadan. Daily programs on the channel include Good Morning Kuwait, Baitak, and Good Evening. Also included in the broadcasts are a variety of cultural and religious programs, and coverage of state events
Street Address
PO Box 193
Postal/Zip Code
Middle East
+965 241 5300-30 / 244 7775
+965 245 4233
Official website
Intelsat 19
AsiaSat 5
Badr 4
Arabsat 5C
M Sultan
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C
Nilesat 102
Eutelsat 8 West A
Hispasat 1E
Galaxy 19 
Broadcast area
Middle East
North America
South America
April 7, 1992 with 24 hour broadcasting.
Owned by
Television State of Kuwait (Ministry of Information)
Original TV Name

ktv 1 tv online

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