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Cegrani TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Macedonia

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ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA is a private DIGITAL REGIONAL television, which with its signal covers a large number of territories. ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA is a visual media with an informative nature emphasized. In every 24 hours transmision, this television offers educational programs varied entertainment, which includes a large number of audience of different age groups.
With a staff of professionals, high HD-technology, programs for all age group, ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA, pretend to be the most beloved screen of all Albanians. Is listed as a favorite television, which is a reflection of commitment, seriousness and accountability shown by the entire staff of the television. ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA, is a television where everyone can find themselves, comparing it as an inseparable friend. ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA first began broadcasting in 1992, and RTV it as “Voice of Çegrani, with the frequency 105.5 FM Stereo, and later in 1996 appointed as Regional Television in the Albanian language in Western Macedonia and on 01.06.2013 in platform DIGITAL ONE – BOOM multipleks on HD/SDI.
Broadcasting 24 hours ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA is a window of information and entertainment for all our fellow wherever they are. Spectacular variety of programs, different programs documentaries, musical programs, films with character education, provides an audience of all age groups and all individual character, in which case the number of viewership increases in each home existing within these territories.
Since the creation ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA has reflected on current topics of social problems, economic for all Albanian citizens, as a television empatik, has affected many areas in which transmission has understood the need and desire of citizens. ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA ofers:
• Accuracy
• Ethical behavior
• Trend
• Analysis
• The reliable
Programs – ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA, as a special television communication for its nature and content of its programming, has successfully met the quality of many programs such as documentary programs, culture and education programs, programs scheduled for children, programs congratulations -greetings, musical programs and various ads.
This television is honored with a very large number of certificates earned by BBC, VOA, etc. NRW-D. The productivity agenda of ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA, have been many festivals, where performances are presented as “Sofra Dibrane”, “Sharri Këndon”, “Festival në Gjirokastra” etc.. This television is trying to be coherent as you always give different events and developments in all areas, with you at any time servuar an exceptional menu for your tastes, and all this stems from the composition of a staff and very experienced as ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA.
1237 Çegran, Gostivar
Postal/Zip Code
+389 (0) 42 221 747
+389 (0) 70 238 945
Official website
Picture format
4:3 (576i, SDTV)

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