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Al Eqtisadiyah TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Saudi Arabia

TV Information:

TV Logo
TV Name
Al Eqtisadiyah
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Saudi Economic channel launched in the lunar month of Muharram of the year 1431, corresponding to 12/17/2009 AD under the direct guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz – may God protect him – within a range of four new television channels, in order to raise awareness and to keep pace with the evolution of successive and openness which Chhdahma Kingdom Saudi Arabia, and the media in support of economic status enjoyed by the Kingdom in the world today.
And economic progress channel number of newsletters and a bouquet of programs and interested in the economy and financial and analytical affairs for all markets Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and the Arab world in particular and in general, the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with the new and attractive contents.
To be honest the bridge between the market and the viewer with respect to economic events and news and financial markets, events and occasions, and an example of the highest credibility and transparency in the IPO by Mangdmh of analytical information accurate and diverse programs of interest to citizens and increase the consciousness investment.
– Work to connect the viewer with the decision-makers and the best analysts and take advantage of their experience and their analysis, and bridge the gap between them and the scenes with regard to Mitrha market today.
– Increase consumer awareness and economic scenes.
– Guide and educate the viewer about the optimal investment of savings and work to warn him of the risks and the expected obstacles.
– To live up to the highest degree of credibility and transparency in the IPO and work hard to earn the trust of the viewer and support technicians to the latest statistics and information about the local and global markets.
– Work to create interactive channels between the viewer and officials with regard to economic issues today.
– Clarify the vision of the future of the national economy through a bouquet of various programs offered to the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
Street Addres
Ministry of Information, Department of Engineering Affairs PO Box 529
Postal/Zip Code
Saudi Arabia
Middle East
+966 1 442 8400
+966 1 442 8272
Official website
News Saudi Economic Channel  TV
Owned by
Saudi TV Governmet
December 17 2009
Private cable television
Broadcast area
Saudi Arabia and Worldwide

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