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Chosen TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Nigeria, Religious

TV Information:

TV Logo
TV Name
Chosen TV
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The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church is a Christian Ministry. As the name connotes, it is a revival church inspired by the Holy Spirit to bring the knowledge of salvation to all the kings and their subjects, to the masters and their servants, to the rulers and them that are being ruled all over the world. The birth of the church was in response to the divine call of God received by the founder Pastor Lazarus Muoka. Who consequently brought together some brethren (in their hundreds) on the 23rd of December, 2002, at its first location No.16 Odunaike Street, Ilasamaja Area of Lagos, Nigeria, and declared to them the great calling of God upon his life.
Street Address
10, Odofin Park Estate, Oshodi Apapa
Express Way, Ijesha B/stop
Postal/Zip Code
Religous TV
+234 01 761 1156
+234 (0)1 497 0990
Official website

chosen tv online


2 Responses to “Chosen TV”

  1. prayer required says:

    Hello my name is chijioke chukwu live in south korea.My problem is having bad dreams dog in the dream cat in the dream,fighting with cat fighting with dog in the dream nothing is working everything about me is zero nothing is working atall, sickness.
    Thank God for Prayer answerd

  2. ifesinachi says:

    my name ifesinachi,and reside in lagos,for few yrs now i av being sick,nothing is working well for me,i av leaving with my friend for more than 3yrs now because i cant aford to rent my house,i spend every money i made in hospital,i always have bad dreams like some animals or human beings chasing me,even some times i do have sex in my dreams, i was once a chosen but i backslided ,so few ago i went to hospital and the dr said my bp is high,,,,pls i need prayers and i promise GOD nver to go back to my old ways ……

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