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Andisheh TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Iran

TV Information:

TV Logo
TV Name
Andisheh TV
Andisheh TV (ATV) is a 24-hour satellite television station located in woodland hills, California, founded and launched in June of 2006. Andisheh TV viewers have unanimously voted ATV as the “most reputable” network in our class, an attribute we have built and sustained in under a decade.  Andisheh TV continue to progress and fulfill our audiences thirst for world and local news. ATV Features political, economic and business updates hourly, current affairs daily, opinion and analysis breakdowns from subject matter experts weekly, not to mention various special broadcasts and educational programing with a strong line-up of locally produced shows. ATV media offers ready-made solutions for your business, along with several different variety media packages to meet your financial desire. ATV delivers the one and only trifecta dynamic, “Target media, Target online presence, and Target Promotions.
Street Address
21045 Superior Street
Postal/Zip Code
CA 91311
United States
Middle East
+1 818 734 7100
+1 818 998 2634
Official website
Religious TV
Similar Channels
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June of 2006

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