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Panamericana TV

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Published: 6 years ago

Category: Peru

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TV Information:

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Panamericana TV
The family of businessman Genaro Delgado Brandt owns several radio stations in Peru since 1937 , of which the most characteristic in its beginnings was Central Radio . Then Delgado Brandt in 1953 to found the Pan American Broadcasting Company SA , where Radio Panamericana was the main station of the group. Genaro Delgado Brandt had several children of which , Genaro , Hector and Manuel were linked to his father’s business . In 1956 , Genaro Delgado Parker study the feasibility of installing a first television channel for the metropolitan area of Lima, and it travels to the United States, Mexico and Cuba for the ultimate television . Managing Genaro Delgado Parker culminates with the installation of one of the first Peruvian television stations . For technical equipment, Genaro obtained a loan of transnational company Philips , for financial support was associated with Don Isaac Lindley , owner of the business making the soft drink Inca Kola with what it can be Panamericana Television . And through the Cuban television mogul Goar Mestre , agreed to the knowledge of the art production and the association with the U.S. television network CBS . Thus, the July 21, 1957 two companies were opened : Panamericana Televisión , SA would operate the television station and another Pan Productions SA intended to produce television programs. Panamericana Televisión , SA consisted of Genaro Delgado Parker and Hector , Difusora Business Radio- Television, SA (which was a shareholder Genaro Delgado Brandt ), Isaac R. Stopphanie Lindley and his son Isaac Lindley Taboada . While Pan Productions Inc. the well integrated Genaro , Hector, the business group Goar Mestre, Manuel Ulloa Elias and CBS . The state had previously granted the frequency between 210 and 216 MHz, Channel 13 in Lima Pan American Broadcasting Company SA then assigned all rights to Panamericana Television SA.
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