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Kompas TV


Published: 7 years ago

Category: Indonesia

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KOMPAS GRAMEDIA TV (KGTV) implemented by establishing PT GRAMEDIA MEDIA NUSANTARA in 2008 with the brand name KompasTV. KompasTV is a media company serving the television content inspiring and entertaining to the family of Indonesia. In accordance with the vision and mission are carried, KompasTV packed show news programs, adventure and knowledge, and entertainment that emphasizes quality.
KompasTV news program content is expressly news program, directed, and give hope. In addition, for other programs, KompasTV emphasis on the exploration of Indonesia, both natural wealth, cultural treasures, Indonesia is now, to the talents excel. Do not just stop at television programs, there is also the production of a movie with an interesting storyline and supported talent talented Indonesian art.
Some of the feature films produced are five Eagle and Garuda in My Chest (2 works Rudi Soedjarwo), Love in the Box, The Dancer, and is now cooperating with MILES Production in the cultivation of the Golden Stick Swordsman. On June 28, 2011, KompasTV begin airing its programs in one of the local television stations.
As a content provider, KompasTV premiered on 9 September 2011 Indonesian cities Palembang, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Banjarmasin and Makassar. The amount the city continues to grow until now KompasTV can be enjoyed in more than 100 cities and can be enjoyed by 200 million people in Indonesia. In addition, KompasTV can also be enjoyed via streaming in well as through a variety of pay-TV, including, K-VISION.
With the joint operation and management, supply KompasTV entertainment shows and news programs on local television stations in various cities in Indonesia, even in some of the neighboring countries that have been involved in the process of cooperation. Since Sept. 9, 2011, KompasTV cooperation with pay-TV providers that provide channels for KompasTV so they can provide quality display with High Definition (HD). Quality High Definition present images with high resolution so that viewers can enjoy detailed images with clear contours and colors are sharper.
KompasTV is also leading to a digital television system according to standards that are commonly used internationally. KompasTV certainly pay attention to the quality of programs delivered impressions. Growing up in a television commercial industries with a very tight competition, KompasTV trying to remain on the corridor vision and mission so as to always present the impressions Program is inspiring and informative with attractive packaging for Indonesian families. For a television station, is a great responsibility to help shape the nation’s morale.
Answering the challenge of the media world in Indonesia, as part of Kompas Gramedia Group, which has the motto Enlightening People, KompasTV supported by the composition of qualified and dedicated employees continually strive to channel information will be Inspiration Indonesia.
Street Addres
Jl.Palmerah Selatan 22-26
Postal/Zip Code
+62 21 548 3008 / 021- 5365 4898 / 5365 4899
+62 21 549 4051 / 021- 5365 4907
Email or
Official website
News TV and Sports TV
Owned by
Kompas Gramedia
September 9, 2011
Television network
Broadcast area
“Inspirasi Indonesia” (Indonesia’s Inspiration)

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