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Tunisia Wataniya 2 TV


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Tunisie

TV Information:

Wataniya 2 tv live

wataniya 2 tv live Wataniya 2 Online, Wataniya 2 Live Stream, General Channel online on internet. Other channel from tunis like tnn tunisia live where you can watch Wataniya 2 Live Streaming, Wataniya 2 HD, Wataniya 2 Free Live Stream. Television in Tunisia reaches 94% of households. The dominant platform in the market is free satellite, though terrestrial platform reaches around 15% of the households.

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Broadcast by the free license permission/agreement with 
wataniya 2 tv liveTunisian Television 2 (التلفزة التونسية الوطنية 2), also known as Wataniya 2 (National 2), formerly known as Canal 21 (قناة 21) and 21 Tunisia (تونس 21) is a chain of Tunisian state television. His color is blue since 25 July 2011. wataniya 2 tv live is the second after the Tunisian channel Télévision Tunisienne 1.
On 7 November 1994, at the behest of then-president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Canal 21 starts on the network initially created in 1983 to host the RTT 2 and sold in June 1989 to Antenne 2 (which becomes France 2 in 1992 ).
For young people, the number 21 referring to the Youth Day held on 21 March, it broadcasts between 17 h 40 and 20 h 15 instead of those of France 2 (especially during the news 20 hours deemed critical of the Tunisian government). Following the triumphant reelection of President Ben Ali in 1999 (with 99% of votes), the French media, including France 2, strongly criticized the Tunisian government and criticized the lack of democracy regime.
In response, the latter sum ERTT to stop the spread of the French system, which is done in late October 1999. From that date, the second wireless network is fully occupied by Canal 21, which emits 16 hours (and 14 hours) at midnight. However, the sentence string to find its audience with an audience share not exceeding 5% as it faces stiff competition from private and other national channels broadcast by Arab satellite channels. In addition, its distribution is exclusively terrestrial.
July 25, 2007, Ben Ali announced in a speech the “conversion of the second national television satellite channel Canal 21 in a new form and with a modern programming.”
The chain is actually renamed Tunisia 21 wataniya 2 tv live November 7 and begins transmitting on the satellite the same day. Diffusion takes place between noon and midnight as a new grille and a new design of the chain are in place. This satellite broadcasting allows the chain to expand its audience.
In March 2010, Tunisia 21 or wataniya 2 tv live moved into the new premises of the Tunisian television. After the fall of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali January 14, 2011, on the occasion of the Tunisian revolution, the station changes name again on January 20 to become Télévision Tunisienne Nationale 2 (التلفزة التونسية الوطنية 2) in Arabic Tunisian Television and two in French.
From January 2, 2012, the station changes registry and adopt a program devoted to Regions1; diffusion then covers 17 hours per day. From 1 January 2013, the chain goes to a broadcast round the clock.
Formerly called
Canal 21 (7 November 1994-6 November 2007)
Tunisia 21 (7 November 2007-20 January 2011)
Postal/Zip Code
Middle East
+216 71 800 844
+216 71 781 058
Official website
Government TV
ERTT,  The Établissement de la Radiodiffusion-Télévision Tunisienne (ERTT) – Tunisian Radio and Television Establishment – is Tunisia’s state broadcasting organization. It operates two television channels and several radio networks. It is a shareholder in Euronews, and a member of the European Broadcasting Union. 
7 novembre 1994
Badr 4
Eutelsat 7 West A
TV Name

tunisia wataniya 2 online

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